The Excellent centre and trainers, highly recommended! I have just completed the online IELTS course and I must say that I am very satisfied. The online lessons were effective, clear and engaging. The assistance received from the course mentor was also great. Thank you!
Manal AsifUndergraduate Student, UK 

GTA has been very helpful to me. My teacher was very professional and nice. GTA is a great place for studying IELTS. I obtained general IELTS score 7.5. I highly recommend their IELTS courses.
ChaseMaster student of Marketing, China

I found academic writing services of GTA first class with a smooth transition from start to edit and proofreading that needed to be made. They were also very timely and committed. 
Jasmine Master student of International Law, Saudi Arabia

Ruzbeh was my teacher in Pre-sessional English language course. In his class, I learnt how to retrieve academic articles and quote them, how to judge the quality of articles and how to select keywords to retrieve the articles I needed. In addition, he also helped me improve my oral English. Every time he smiled at me inexplicably, I knew that he wanted to talk to me. But at that time, my oral English was not good. Sometimes, because of the lack of vocabulary, I would talk and get stuck. In this case, I would say, "wait a minute, I'll check the word!". Ruzbeh is very patient. He will slow down every time to adapt to me. After three months, my oral English has made great progress, which is inseparable from his help to me. Overall, Ruzbeh is a respectable teacher. I wish him better and better in the future. 
MingMarketing Analyst, China

I have learned three subjects under Dr. Ruzbeh when I was a master degree student. I was amazed by his knowledge, passion, patience and his teaching techniques that was a way different from others. That's the reason that encouraged me to chose him as my thesis supervisor and I believe that it was one of the decisions that makes me feel proud that I made it. I have learned more from him about philosophy, literature, postmodernism and writing. He was more than helpful and understanding, he shaped my thesis to the way that no one could deny how unique and knowledgeable it was. Not forgetting to mention that Dr. Ruzbeh was one of the few people who enlightened me after realizing my hidden skills and polishing them, as well he advised me to pursue my PhD.I feel honored that I worked under Dr. Ruzbeh, and hopefully in the future to collaborate more with him as he's a good man, knowledgeable, humble, smart and ambitious. I am certainly sure that he will raise and get a very high academics rank in his career in the near future.
ThamerBusiness Manager, Iraq

Highly recommend. Global Talent Academy was always available to answer questions and made my achieving the required IELTS score as easy as possible. Would not hesitate to recommend!
JamalEngineering Student, Egypt

Thank you for taking the time to read and write your comments about my article.
D. Writer, USA

GTA has been a great editor for my research article. They finished proofreading exceptionally quick which really helped in the short timeframe we had before submitting. Would highly recommend!’

ChenAuthor, China