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Conference chairs and committees interested in making the proceedings of their conference available for an international readership are invited to publish their works with GTA Press. Organizing a conference is a huge challenge and having to publish its outcome definitely contributes to the workload. GTA Press can do the hard work for you leaving you some time to enjoy your own conference. We will work hard to publish your conference proceedings on the first day of the event. GTA Press can also help you in distributing the proceedings.

Your proceedings will be ensured of worldwide access through extensive library deals and increased visibility through Linked Open Data. We also offer the option to publish with full open access on volume and paper level. In addition, you will benefit from the ease of use of our review and submission system, our high production standards, and quick turnaround time.
The following section provides further information for scholars who wish to publish their conference proceedings with GTA Press.

If you wish GTA Press to publish your conference proceedings, you are requested to submit a Proceedings Publication Proposal. The following information should be included in the proposal:
• Conference title (in full and acronym), date, location, and website (URL)• Description of the issues addressed by the event (no more than 200 words)• Information on the (anticipated) number of submitted and accepted papers as well as the number of presenters and participants• The type(s) of media (Print, CD-ROM, DVD, and/or USB) in which you wish the proceedings to be produced• Estimated number of the proceedings, papers, and pages• Title, name, contact, position, affiliation, and a bio-data (no more than 70 words) of the editor(s)• Tentative schedule for submission, review and publication of the proceedings
Please submit your proposal to the GTA Press Proceedings Department at: ku.gro.atg%40ofni

After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation email, and then your proposal will be reviewed by the respective panel who will contact you subsequently to discuss your proposal. The basic rules that GTA Press follows for publishing proceedings are as follows:
• GTA Press reserves the right to reject any proposal.• At the beginning of the contract, a proceeding publication agreement will be signed between the editor(s) and publisher- GTA Press.• All the documents must be electronically submitted to the GTA Press.• GTA Press proceedings are published under an ISSN number.• In order to ensure its high quality, the conference should have a skilled technical program committee with academic qualifications.• To ensure the high scientific standard of the papers, they must all be peer-reviewed before acceptance.• Authors should follow a common template determined by the editor(s).• Authors must transfer their copyright to Global Talent Academy Press.• GTA Press will submit the proceedings to major indexing systems to be evaluated and included in them.

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GTA Press dramatically simplifies the task of organizing review committees, and facilitates the movement of manuscripts through submission, reading, discussion, acceptance, revision and publication. Every increment of the process, from submission of papers to preparation of proceedings, is managed through the same intuitive interface.


You can contact us and submit your proposal to ku.gro.atg%40ofni