Course Dates: FlexibleCourse Duration: 40 hoursFees: £ 390

Our IELTS (International English Language Testing System) courses provide full and thorough preparation for the IELTS exam. With a strong exam focus, our courses guide students through the four different parts, familiarising them with IELTS exam techniques and requirements, so that students know exactly what to expect and are confident of their own abilities when they sit down to start the exam.
Many IELTS courses combine IELTS preparation with General English – but this is an unproductive strategy, and the student’s efforts become diluted. Our courses are far better, enabling students to focus completely on the IELTS exam, and to achieve their full potential in the exam itself.
Students who need to improve their English level should enrol in our General English courses ( before switching to the IELTS course.

GTA has an international reputation for excellence in teaching. Since we started to run ourIELTS course, 94% of our students have achieved the score they needed.

This course will prepare you for the ILETS test at the level you will need - see below. (This information is only a guide and the requirement may vary depending on the particular situation.)

● Immigration UK home office - IELTS band 4 or above● Foundation Degree - usually 5.5 or above● Undergraduate degree - usually 6.0 or above● Post Graduate - usually 7.0 or above● NHS Medical staff - usually 7.5