5 effective ways to improve your English Language Learning

5 effective ways to improve your English Language Learning

In the modern era, English is the most global of all languages. This is due to it being the official language in forty-four countries across the world, which is more than any other. It’s important not only because of its functional use in science reports and business deals, but it’s also crucial to the ever-growing film and music entertainment industries. This article will provide five effective ways for employees to improve their English and gain a stronger understanding of the English-speaking world.

1: Of Course, Talk to People

According to Oxford English Online, ‘having regular conversations is the most important thing you can do to improve the fluency of your language’. It’s important to remember that speaking English is not an academic skill – it’s a practical one. By speaking English for at least two to three hours per week, you can drastically improve your verbal skills.

2: When not Talking, Listen

According to scientists who study language, our brains are programmed to unconsciously learn a language just by listening to it. Just by hearing English in the background, you will subconsciously begin to absorb the grammar, accents and sounds that occur in conversation. Studies have shown that it’s possible to learn from listening, even if you do not understand what the words mean. You can still identify patterns and phrases which can be used to increase your understanding of a language. This emphasizes the importance of listening to language, whether it’s on the radio, television or even going to places where you can hear native English speakers talking, the practice of listening will still be valuable.

3: Play Clever Memory Games

Scientists found that using word associations is an effective way to speed up your English learning. When you use word associations you are linking words with images, ideas, movements, activities and other groups of words. For example, when you see a cloud you automatically think of the words ‘rain’, ‘cold’ and ‘wet’. You can learn unfamiliar words by using the same method – place them in groups and then begin to associate those groups with specific ideas, images or sounds. Then, the next time you see a certain image or hear a unique noise, you will remember words that are related to that topic.

4: Learn with Music

When children are growing up, music is a very important tool used universally to help with language learning. There’s a reason for this – repetition in songs and hearing words resonating alongside musical notes makes learning language easier and faster, and this applies to adults too. Studies have shown that the way in which our brains process and learn language and music are surprisingly similar. By listening to songs and becoming familiar with the lyrics and sentence structure, you can improve your English learning in an effortless and enjoyable manner.

5: Start your Own Blog in English

Once you are comfortable with the idea of a blog, spend a little bit of time each day writing about what you have done. It can be about anything – what you had for breakfast, what happened on your way to work, which television shows you have watched. It could be more of a private journal and you don’t have to publish anything you write, but by simply getting something down every day you will find it easier to describe your hobbies and interests in English.

There you have it: five effective methods for you to improve your English Language speaking skills as well as your understanding of language as a whole.


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