Coaching and Mentoring

Global Talent Academy is a world leader in education combining a mission to widen access to further education with research excellence, transforming lives through education. Global Talent Academy’s network of academic enrichment and support resources can help every second language student make the most of myriad learning opportunities. We support our students in achieving excellence in their academic career. 

We are a professional performance coaching service, helping second language students to perform in their studies and succeed in their lives.
It was our experience that many second language students needed support that bridged both the study support and personal development disciplines and that this was not available.
Using a combination of coaching, supervision, mentoring and therapy, our aim is to support second language students at all levels of their academic career.
Within sports, clinical and business settings, this type of support is considered essential and is the acknowledged approach to personal development and high performance under stress.
We believe that the academic experience mirrors these high performance settings.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the achievements of others, and to lose sight of our personal strengths and resources.
We help second language students to develop their personal resources and learn useful skills that will aid them in academia and throughout their life.