Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) Support

Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) has replaced what used to be known as “Coursework”. In essence they are pretty much the same thing, in other words, research – or project-based work – that counts towards a student’s final grade. It is considered to be an excellent way for students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout a course and their ability to conduct independent research and write up their own project. Completing the NEA will help a student gain valuable life and work skills and for our students it is done at home. Students are encouraged to use research resources such as textbooks, journals, TV, radio and the internet and importantly to learn how to attribute and reference them.
We provide guidance on suitable titles/topics and what should be included in coursework projects and the planning. We also explain what the Assessment Objectives are and what the exam board will be looking for when the project is being marked. Our tutors encourage you to do well and provide you with guidance and access to resource materials.
Planning and a “tight” plan are key. We encourage you to express yourself clearly and most importantly to keep the AOs (Assessment Objectives) in mind. Accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar are also very important.